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Long shifts, overtime, unsafe conditions, a heavy workload, short staffing, physical strain, increasing incidence of violence in the workplace—all these can lead to impaired mental health.

Add sleepiness, fatigue, and discomfort, and you have the perfect nursing culture for potential detriment to mental health.

Nurses are constantly dealing with stressful and rapidly changing situations, and they must be able to prioritize their actions in response to this. Situations may occur that are simply out of their control; or they may be dealing with upset or aggressive patients or family members.

Some nurses thrive in an ever-changing environment where they have to think on their feet; but others struggle with the pace and find it difficult to cope with various aspects of the job. These may feel a sense of failure, especially if they work in an area where there is little support.

If a nurse is having trouble concentrating or managing time effectively, it does have the potential to affect not just their own mental health but can also directly affect patient care.

Essential Oils can help to support nurses through difficult situations that may play on their minds; or upsetting incidences, such as when a nurse’s patient loses their life. Essential Oils that may support anxious or stressful feelings in general include:

• Wild Orange

• Lavender

• Grounding Blend

• Bergamot

• Cedarwood

• Clary Sage

• Patchouli

• Sandalwood

• Roman Chamomile


With six Essential Oil blends representing six categories of emotional well-being, the EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY SYSTEM is comprised of aromatic plant families focusing on a continuum of emotions for a simple approach to using Essential Oils in emotional aromatherapy applications.

Each delicate blend contains Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten your changing moods. Just a few drops of these aromatic blends can elicit profound emotional responses to help you let go of burdens, find comfort and encouragement, or inspire you to dream with passion again. The six oils in this system include:

• Encouraging Blend

• Uplifting Blend

• Inspiring Blend

• Renewing Blend

• Comforting Blend

• Reassuring Blend


• Use aromatically in an Essential Oil diffuser.

• Apply one or two drops in your palms, rub hands together, cup in front of your nose, and inhale deeply (do not touch eyes).

• Dilute and apply topically to aromatherapy touch points, such as the back of the neck, on the wrists, and over the heart.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


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